Why I Do What I Do


January 8, 2022

Why did you decide to start your business?


I have always enjoyed the craftier side of life. I would make my mom fabric loop potholders as a kid. I would paint ceramic figures with my grandma. I’ve knitted scarves for Christmas gifts. I tried starting an Etsy shop showcasing my crocheted goodies. My shop was filled with hats, scarves, wine bottle holders and gear shift covers. I earned enough money to buy more yarn but it wasn’t enough to live on. It wasn’t enough to be independent.

In 2019, I was going through some heavy emotional stuff. My anxiety was at an all time high. Depression has surfaced. I had lost my grandma unexpectedly. I had a crappy relationship with my parents. I was overweight and felt ugly and worthless. I was trying to keep the romance alive in a partnership that I should’ve let go years before. I felt alone.

My mom and I were talking one day, and she suggested making my own wax melts. She had seen them at a craft show and thought it would be a good idea: if I could find my “thing.” I put if off for a while. I didn’t use candles because I didn’t like the soot that gathered around the air return vents. I hated the wax melts I bought from the grocery store. I spent $5 on melts that either didn’t smell at all or gave me a headache.

One night, I decided to start looking into this wax melt thing. I was getting excited about a new adventure. Every website I saw I thought, “Hey, I can do this!” Even though other parts of my life were “falling apart” (I realized later that, in fact, things were coming together), I found that I was enjoying the process.

I researched different types of wax, different companies for fragrance oils, and re-started a handmade business class that would help me figure out product lines and marketing. My first business coach, Renae Christine, gave me the tools I needed to share my handmade adventure. I spent hours coming up with the perfect ratio of wax to fragrance and sassy wax melt names to create the quality product I am proud of today.

I found that the soot around the air vents and headaches were symptoms of burning/melting paraffin wax. So, when I saw that soy wax was nontoxic, I knew that was the right path. Soy burns cleaner without releasing toxic chemicals in the air. Learn more about why I will NEVER use paraffin here.

In the summer of 2019, I launched my first little collection of hand poured soy wax melts. Three scents to start my life over. I was so proud and excited. Despite the unsupportive homelife, I succeeded. My mom never wavered in her support. She helped me spread the word and get my wax tarts in the eyes of all our friends and family. This project of ours saved me.

Pouring wax not only gave me a creative outlet, but it has also allowed me to start paying down credit cards and getting out of debt. I moved back home with my parents and started actually living. The people in my circle have changed, for the better. My tribe now is rock-solid. My parents and friends are completely supportive of every wax melt idea I come up with.

So to answer your question, why did I start my business?

Originally I started to share the dangers of paraffin and give my family and friends a safe way to fragrance their home. I started to make money. But what I got out of starting this business was so much more. I have a sense of purpose. I have a creative outlet that I get paid for. I am creating a life full of adventure and semi-independence. I took a long hard look at who was adding to my life and who was taking away my peace.

I started this business to make money. But in the end, this business made me whole.