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Embroidered Fabric Coasters


Keep your tables safe and clean with these super cute fabric coasters!

Machine washable. Lay flat to dry.

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Embroidered Fabric Coasters

Perfect hostess gift!

Our embroidered fabric coaster make the cutest addition to your home decor. These coasters are large enough to fit a coffee mug, wine glass or water bottle!

The coasters have a either a denim or fleece layer on the back to help absorb condensation.

Decoration is machine embroidered.

All coasters are machine washable. Please lay flat to dry.


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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

USAF, Army, Navy, USMC, Yellow Ladybugs with Purple, Yellow Ladybugs with Orange, Yellow Flipflops, Green Flipflops, Pink Round Flower, Purple Round Flower, Red Poppy, Round Bulls, Round White Sox, Round Cubs, Round Betty 1, Round Betty 2, Round Dog Treats, Round Blue Dog, Brown Paw Prints, Gray Cats, Purple Flowers, Pink Flowers, Round Corks, Round Camo, Scallop Yellow Flowers, Scallop Red Flowers, Coral Dragonfly, Green Dragonfly, Round Ladybug, Round Flipflops, Pink Flower Mug, Golf Set


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