Signature Collection

The Signature Collection

Classic home fragrances

The Signature Collection features all of your classic favorite fragrances in soy wax melts and candles. Here you will find staples such as cinnamon (Hot Mama), vanilla (Ice Ice Baby), and pumpkin spice (Basic AF). The wax tarts and candles are the nostalgic aromas you’ve grown up with. All of our other melts are built off of this signature collection of scented wax.

When I was young, I remember there were three scents when it came to candles. You had white, red, and green. That was the beginning of the signature collection as we know it. Now I know those are vanilla, cinnamon and pine tree. I am happy to announce that here you will find much more than those three, but we have to remember that these are the building blocks of our current home fragrances.

All of our melts and candles are hand poured with 100% soy wax. They hare highly scented, long lastic, and non-toxic. They are also phthalate free and poured in small batches. By pouring in smaller batches, you are guaranteed a premium quality that is unmatched.

Toasted Bar is proudly a woman owned small business, hand pouring in Illinois since 2019.

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