Shop by Scent

Shop by Scent

Narrowing down your favorite type of smells.

What kind of scents to you gravitate towards? Clean smells? Earthy smells? How about floral aromas? By using the shop by scent feature, you will be brought to the category you most likely will enjoy. If you like bakery smells, try out the Sweet & Fruity category. Here you will find baked apple pie and pumpkin smells. If you enjoy the more outdoorsy aromas, click on the Earthy category. Here you will find Treestand (my personal favorite) that smells of oakmoss and amber, very masculine as well!

All of the products at Toasted Bar are hand poured with 100% soy wax. They are highly scented, phthalate free, and nontoxic.

Toasted Bar is a woman owned business, hand pouring in small batches in Illinois.

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