Sample Sets of Soy Wax Melts

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We don’t all like the same scents. I personally could go the rest of my life without smelling any more cinnamon. This is why choosing a sample set is the way to go! Starting at $10 per set, you get to experience the fragrance in your own home. This will ensure you get the most out of your purchases with us, and that you don’t get stuck with a full-size package of a wax melt you don’t completely enjoy.

Our sample sets will include at least 10 one-inch cubes of fragranced soy wax. They are highly scented, long-lasting and nontoxic. We have a few different categories of scents. If you know you like sweet or bakery smells, I won’t send you one that smells like clean-linen. There’s also an option for you to “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Here is where you can hand pick ALL of your samples.

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